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Test Automation Career 

Starts Here !

We are Dublin, Ireland based Software Quality Engineering Tools Training provider.

We are experts in training Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Cucumber, Appium, JAVA, API Automation, Docker and other latest QA tools to boost your QA career.

We teach all modules that are required to get placed as Test Automation Engineer or SDET.

+ Next  Europe - US  Batch 
 Starting From 
 11th Feb 2023 


In 4 months you get 100+ hours of the recorded session, 50+ hours of LIVE classes & loads of assignments


As a new comer we recommend you to spend at least 10 - 15 hours per week with our content

Weekly LIVE Session & Support Calls

Every week you meet trainer to revise content and you receive unlimited technical support to solve the road block

What Our Students Say

Igea Accardo


Jan' 2022

Mintu Susan John


Nov' 2020

Joanna Moylan


Nov' 2020

Hemalatha Kaipa


Sep' 2020

Charles Tsang


Jan' 2022

Antariksh Anand


Aug' 2021

Matthew Ryan


Nov' 2020

Ipsita Mukherjee


Jul' 2020

Benjamin Adesanya


Nov' 2021

Ayme Margot


Feb' 2021

Arup Bose


Sep' 2020

Franciele Oliveira


Jul' 2020

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Market Gap

Huge demand for Quality Engineers globally but hard to find the right skills for the job. Requirements for manual QA's are all-time low, hence you need to skill up.

Our Mission

We are committed to training various target groups with the latest QE tools so that they land into their dream jobs. We are ridiculously passionate about 
your success.

Checkout where our graduates are placed

Checkout Our Free Sessions

Class 1

This session talks about Wizdom QA Mission, Software Testing, Software Test Automation Market Demand, What is Java, JVM, JRE, JDK, Creating a Java File from Text file.

Class 2

This session talks about Installing and Configuring Java, Eclipse, Understanding the main method, Variables, Data types, Packages, Operators.

Class 3

This session talks about Mathematical Operators, Assignments operators, Pre and Postfix operators, Logical Operators, Ternary Operators, Arrays, For Loop, While loop.

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Full Stack Test Automation
Course Outline

Learn Frontend UI ( Web & Mobile ),

Backend Web services and DevOps for QA Automation under one single program

+ Next  Europe -US Batch 
Starting From 
11th Feb 2023


Core Java

Core Java is the stepping stone into the world of programming. We'll start with basics and gradually grasp the advanced concepts.


Cucumber is also an open source framework, runs on Gherkin syntax. It supports BDD style test implementation. It is capable of generating beautiful HTML reports.


Appium is an open source test automation framework to automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps.


Maven is a project management tool, based on POM (Project Object Model) used for projects build, dependency and documentation.

Selenium WebDriver

WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows us to execute automation tests against different browsers.

Page Object Model

Page Object Model is a design pattern which will help us to enhance test maintenance and reducing code duplication.

Rest API Automation

RestAssured is one of the most popular REST API client for API Automation, it helps to test various HTTP request combinations.


Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool, used to build and test software projects continuously making it easier to change and deploy.


TestNG is an open source test automation framework, this will enable us execute thousands of test scenarios as a single test suite.

Extent Reporting

Extent Reports is a customisable HTML report which can be integrated into Selenium WebDriver using JUnit and TestNG frameworks.

Git Hub

GIT HUB is a distributed version control systems, that manages and stores revisions of projects.It also enables capabilities like 'forking' and 'pull request' for better collaboration.


Docker helps to create desired test execution environment with a single command, its biggest benefits is its capacity to scale multiple execution environments quickly and efficiently.


About Us 

As we all understand in today's world there is a huge demand for automation everywhere.
A similar trend can be seen for Quality Engineering as well, 
however, finding the right skills with the right experience is the real challenge.
Software companies around the globe are also facing the same bottleneck and at the same time individuals are struggling to find a solid path to get into IT services.
In spite of having a college degree as they lack industry experience.
This is exactly where we come in, we are in a mission to produce 500+ skilled SDET candidates by the end of 2025.
We have 14+ years of industry experience, we have trained 1700+ students globally.
We understand our student's needs and customize the training accordingly. 
It is our passion to share knowledge in the most layman format possible and see our students progressing to become an experienced SDET.

We provide Certification

as well for our online courses

Yes, we provide a Course completion certificate too.
As of now, our certificates do not carry any university accreditation, however, that's what we are aiming for in the future.
Sign In and request for your certificate.
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Meet The Trainer

Souvik Dutta

I have 14+ years of experience as a full-stack QA automation architect. I have expertise in creating automation solutions and frameworks for large scale enterprises using various tech stacks (Java, VB & JS) and on different channels (Web, APIs & Mobile apps). I love the challenge to build, design, implement, and maintain the automation framework and integrate it with CI/CD pipeline. I have a passion to share knowledge and have extensive experience in providing online training globally and helped more than a thousand candidates transitioning into a successful QA automation career.


Few More Testimonials


Shanatanu Tyagi

Dublin, Ireland


If you want to learn and upgrade your understating of SDET this is the course. The course is very thorough, well structured and easy to understand. Souvik is great teacher, he makes each sessions easy to follow regardless of your knowledge of programming. Souvik encourages his students to ask questions and to develop their own projects. This course has taught me a lot in the field of Automation and has given me more confidence going forward. I definitely recommend doing this course Thank You Souvik.


Liliana Jara Garay

Dublin, Ireland


I recommend this course, for those looking to learn and enhance their knowledge in SDET, the course is well structured and orderly, starting from basic to advanced, Souvik is a great teacher, he likes to answer questions and empower his students.


Vidhya Lakshmanan

Dublin, Ireland


I am a student of december 2019 batch of Wizdom QA. I found every session was interesting by the way Souvik explains the subject. I am thankful that i felt the training itself a real time environment where everything pictured how the trial and error goes. He covers all the topics step by step and try to explain in different ways until the students get through it.Undoubtedly,the complete course give much more confidence for the beginner in Automation like me .

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Get one step closer

towards acquiring  Full Stack Test Automation skills


We are the experts in test automation, we have trained 1400+ students globally and have a track record of 87% employment rate. We are here to shape you for the future.


Our Full Stack Quality Engineering training covers all relevant tools and tech-stacks that you will ever need. We provide online classes followed by an ample amount of weekly assignments and LIVE projects. 

We Answer Your Questions

What are the pre-requisites to join this course?
QE Advanced course is designed to target anyone who wants to step into the exciting world QA automation, i.e.
a) fresh graduates
b) functional software testers keen to upskill
c) mid-level professionals taking up new challenges
d) senior-level candidates want to increase overall knowledge on automation

We just want you to come with a little bit of understanding of software testing and a strong motive.
I am completely new to programming, can I join this course?
Yes! this course is designed to accommodate anyone with zero to basic experience in programming. Please be aware that you cannot be called as SDET until you are well versed with advanced programming concepts on multiple tools and languages.

Don't worry! That's exactly where we can help, you will be trained over and over again with basic to advanced programming concepts and bombarded with various assignments.
I have some experience in automation testing, can I still join the course for advance topics?
We have to understand that this course is designed to accommodate an individual with zero to basic experience in automation, hence it will be impossible for us to cover only specific advanced topics. As mentioned in the course outline we will cover every topic in detail that you will ever need to become an SDET but that's a step by step process keeping every participant in mind.

Hence, we suggest you join the class and be patient while the trainer creates a strong foundation for becoming SDET and then progresses slowly to advanced concepts. We strongly believe, even if you have certain experience as an automation engineer still you will have enough to learn something new from every session.
How this course will be delivered?
Students will be provided with lifetime access to recorded sessions, assignments, solutions. Weekly 3 recorded classes will be shared along with study materials and assignments to complete.

Also, weekly once online LIVE sessions will be conducted, where our trainer will take step by step approach to explain every nitty-gritty of the tools/techniques. Ideally, every session runs for 2 hours. All these classes will be recorded and candidates will have lifetime access to watch and practice at their convenience.
Do you cover the latest tools in demand?
QE Advanced course is designed carefully after following the market trend and hence we are going to cover all relevant topics, tools, and techniques that you will ever need in order to work as SDET.
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