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Class 3

This session talks about Mathematical Operators, Assignments operators, Pre and Postfix operators, Logical Operators, Ternary Operators, Arrays, For Loop, While loop.

Class 2

This session talks about Installing and Configuring Java, Eclipse, Understanding the main method, Variables, Data types, Packages, Operators.

Class 1

This session talks about Wizdom QA Mission, Software Testing, Software Test Automation Market Demand, What is Java, JVM, JRE, JDK, Creating a Java File from Text file.

Full Stack Test Automation

Course Outline

Learn Frontend UI ( Web & Mobile ),

Backend Web services and DevOps for QA Automation under one single program


Core Java is the stepping stone into the world of programming. We'll start with basics and gradually grasp the advanced concepts.


TestNG is an open source test automation framework, this will enable us execute thousands of test scenarios as a single test suite.


Cucumber is also an open source framework, runs on Gherkin syntax. It supports BDD style test implementation. It is capable of generating beautiful HTML reports.


WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows us to execute automation tests against different browsers.


Page Object Model is a design pattern which will help us to enhance test maintenance and reducing code duplication.


Extent Reports is a customisable HTML report which can be integrated into Selenium WebDriver using JUnit and TestNG frameworks.


Appium is an open source test automation framework to automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps.


Rest Assured is one of the most popular REST API client for API Automation, it helps to test various HTTP request combinations.


GIT HUB is a distributed version control systems, that manages and stores revisions of projects.It also enables capabilities like 'forking' and 'pull request' for better collaboration. 


Maven is a project management tool, based on POM (Project Object Model) used for projects build, dependency and documentation.


Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool, used to build and  test  software projects continuously making it easier to change and deploy.


Docker helps to create desired test execution environment with a single command, its biggest benefits is its capacity to scale multiple execution environments quickly and efficiently.

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We have studied the market carefully and understood that there is a huge demand for good SDET profiles, however, finding the right candidate is quite hard because of the lack of right skills and experience among job seekers.


Therefore we are here with 11+ years of hands-on and training experience for 1100+ students to create one-stop-shop course for Software Development Engineering in Test (SDETs) profile.

Wizdom QA has created an end to end course curriculum for the SDET profile. Our students will receive in-depth knowledge of the latest QA tools, techniques and programming languages.

As a registered student, you will learn Selenium WebDriver, Appium for Mobile App automation, API automation, CI/CD integration and many more.

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