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Coding Challenge

Start your career journey with the 5-day coding challenge, our free coding boot camp, to learn the basics of How to build programming logics, How to kill the fear of coding, and How to enter into Software Engineering space and discover if coding is the career path for you
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The 5 Day Coding Challenge Plan

Coding Overview & Introduction to Java

You will learn basic java concepts and implement small to advanced java programs also learn how to create , organize and structure a java prospect.

Test Automation Framework Implementation

You will learn to develop Test Automation Framework design from scratch and implementation of its various modules.

Introduction to Selenium 3 & 4 

You will learn what Selenium webdriver is built for and how it works . How to configure selenium and implement simple automated test with selenium

Introduction to Web Services Testing

Here you will learn the backbone of every moden application -API webservices and how to test them with automation.

Working with Objects Locators

You will learn about object locators and how to use them in automated test. Learn the diference between absolute and XPATH locators, and how to write custom XPATH

Discover Your Career Pathway

On completion of this free coding course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You’ll find out if becoming a software developer is the next step for you. Learn more about our Diploma in Full Stack Software Development.

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4 months

Learners we have helped discover a new career path

Employment Rate

We guarantee to shape your career in Soft Engineering in next 4 months

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Get one step closer
towards acquiring  Full Stack Quality Engineering skills


What Our Students Say

Igea Accardo


Igea came to us to upskill and find a suitable project in Test Automation with her current employer. Today she has started a Test Automation team as a PILOT project and has immensely improved their deployment pipeline

Charles Tsang


Charles reached out to us with a concern he worked as a mobile device tester and he is lacking knowledge in Software Testing. We worked with him closely to provide Test Automation and Software Testing experience and within just 1 week after the course, he managed to crack the interview and get a Test Automation job.

Benjamin Adesanya


Benjamin has very good knowledge in Software Manual Testing but even then he was struggling to achieve a better payscale. He never programmed before and had no coding experience, we worked with him to get all skills required over a period of 4 months and today he employed with a salary of £120k

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