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Coding Challenge

Start your career journey with the 5-day coding challenge, our free coding boot camp, to learn the basics of Java, Object Oriented Principles, and Test Framework design and discover if coding is the career path for you
Self Paced

Jumpstart your coding journey and develop the skills you need to succeed in today's technology-driven world.

Rise above your coding fears.

We encourage you to push yourself, be resilient, and cultivate a positive outlook towards coding challenges


Learn in a supportive environment

We create a fun and exciting environment for effective learning


Trusted Bootcamp

The revolutionary curriculum we offer has been instrumental in helping students achieve their careers.

Get to meet likeminded people.

The 5 Day Coding Challenge Plan

Day I

Coding Overview & Introduction to Java You will learn basic java concepts and implement small to advanced java programs also learn how to create , organize and structure a java prospect.

Day 2

Introduction to selenium 3 & 4 You will learn what Selenium webdriver is built for and how it works . How to configure selenium and implement simple automated test with selenium

Day 3

Working with objects Locators You will learn about object locators and how to use them in automated test. Learn the diference between absolute and XPATH locators, and how to write custom XPATH

Day 4

Test Automation Framework implementation You will learn the most important concept of automated testing .

Day 5

Introduction to web services Testing Here you will learn the backbone of every moden application -API webservices and how to test them with automation.

Next Steps

Discover Your Career Pathway On completion of this free coding course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You’ll find out if becoming a software developer is the next step for you. Learn more about our Diploma in Full Stack Software Development.

Join The Education Revolution

Begin your new career with the 5 day coding challenge and discover a new career path that truly fits who you are. When it comes to digital skills, we’ve ripped up the outdated rule book and revolutionised online learning to transform our students’ lives and bridge skill gaps all over the world.

Our unique and structured approach has opened doors and generated job offers for 1000’s of students who have gone before you.


Checkout where our graduates are placed

Learn With Europe’s Most Trusted Coding Course Providers




Learners we have helped discover a new career path

Employment Rate

Global staff to help you complete your career pathway

Discover Your Career Pathway

As we all understand in today's world there is a huge demand for Tech Savvys and programmers.
however, finding the right skills with the right experience is the real challenge.
Software companies around the globe are also facing the same bottleneck and at the same time individuals are struggling to find a solid path to get into IT services.
In spite of having a college degree as they lack industry experience.
This is exactly where we come in, we are in a mission to produce 500+ skilled SDET candidates by the end of 2025.
We have 14+ years of industry experience, and we have coached 6000+ students globally.
We understand our student's needs and customize the training accordingly. We have an 87% employment rate.

It is our passion to share knowledge in the most layman format possible and see our students progress to become experienced SDETs.

We provide Certification
as well for our online courses

Yes, we provide a Course completion certificate too.
As of now, our certificates do not carry any university accreditation, however, that's what we are aiming for in the future.

Your Career Pathway

Setting The Standard In Online Education

Our accreditation transforms your reputation. As Europe’s only university credit rated coding course provider, you can trust your qualification is externally validated and trusted by employers.

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Start Learning Now

Learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with our coding challenge. Over five days, you will have built your first webpage. You will see if you have an aptitude for code and will sample the programming experience.

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Meet The Trainer

Souvik Dutta

I have 14+ years of experience as a full-stack QA automation architect. I have expertise in creating automation solutions and frameworks for large scale enterprises using various tech stacks (Java, VB & JS) and on different channels (Web, APIs & Mobile apps). I love the challenge to build, design, implement, and maintain the automation framework and integrate it with CI/CD pipeline. I have a passion to share knowledge and have extensive experience in providing online training globally and helped more than a thousand candidates transitioning into a successful QA automation career.

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Get one step closer
towards acquiring  Full Stack Test Automation skills

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